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Our Dental Software Helps You Understand the Data & Numbers That Tell the Full Story. Uncover Hidden Opportunities & Discover Revenue Streams Deep Within Your Smart Dashboard.

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Doctors and office managers team up and build the practice of your dreams.

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We help office managers look like rockstars and make running their practice as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Combine multiple views of data to get a richer insight. All the best practices of data visualization are baked right in.

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We Are So Confident That You Will Love Us That We Don't Even Have Contracts.

Increase Total Office Production Up To $120K

You Return On Investment for DDS Geeks Is Priceless.

5 Key ROI Drivers for your practice

Focus On 5 Key Performance Indicators To Generate A 20-25% Improvement in Production

Efficient? Check. Effective? Double-Check.

Keep a close pulse on the health of your dental practice using our quick and easy software. We keep things visual - and not too techie - with just the right amount of information to help your team drive production.

Our software tracks the key performance indicators of the practice in an easy to monitor SMART dashboard. Staff and doctors can actively manage and improve performance by targeting the patients behind the results. For example, restorative utilization (percentage of time the restorative chairs are being used) is driven by many factors. Treatment planning, the mix of procedures, and case acceptance each have an impact on how frequently the restorative chairs are being used.

7min Install Time

DDS Geeks installs on any workstation in just seven minutes, bringing your office into the current technology of dentistry.

Interact & Share

Dive into specific goals with your Office Manager or hygiene team and see if you are on target for daily, weekly or monthly goals. Share your discoveries with your advisors.

Raw Data

Still want to pull or share the data in graphs? Easily share. Your able to select any KPI’s in 2 clicks. Pull and send. It’s that easy.

Automatic Data Refresh

DDS Geek’s cloud-based dental software system automatically sends hourly & daily updates to keep your data raw & fresh.

Morning Huddle Maven

Boost moral by placing the data on a screen for morning huddles or in the breakroom. Quickly see how the team is doing & share success stories. If the owner is watching your performance, people will want to perform.

Cloud Based

So you’re in Hawaii & want to see how the office is doing? Our cloud-based service allows easy access to results for everyone, from dental office managers to dental consultants. Anywhere, anytime.

DDS Geeks Software Users are STOKED!

Dr. Turgeon and his team from Elite Family Dentistry

‘‘When we displayed the dashboard in the first meeting with the dentists, they were so surprised, that the reaction was mostly silence. One of the dentists said, ‘I always asked for something like this, and finally the office manager found it.'

Dr. Turgeon Elite Family Dentistry

DDS Geeks Was Designed To Drive Value

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Roadside Dental Marketing is a Dental Website Design company that specializes in creating marketing strategies, and websites as Unique as your practice.

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California Dental Association

The California Dental Association (CDA) is a community of dentists committed to enhancing the professional lives of our members—26,000 of the best and brightest dentistry has to offer. Together, we champion better oral health care for all Californians.

CDA supports dentists in all stages of their careers. We offer our members a unique set of resources, including education, practice support, advocacy, and protection. We take pride in our mission to meet community needs across the state.

Geeking Out Over Your Data Has Never Been Easier

We've Been Labeled the DIA (Dental Intelligence Agency) By Many of the Practices We Have Helped.

DDS Geeks dental intelligence software focuses on the core of the business. This is where a dentist and his staff drive production. A close pulse needs to be kept on the dental clinic to make sure it’s operating smoothly and efficiently.

  • No Long-Term Contracts, Try Us Out Month-To-Month.

  • Unlimited Number of Users.

  • Includes Individualized Kick-Off Call With An Analyst.

  • Professional Profile Setup, and Office Manager Training.

  • Automated Data Synchronization.

  • Unlimited Client Based Support – Seriously…. Unlimited!

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A Mere $297/mo.