dear-dentist To whom it may concern, There’s a classic line in the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” I think a lot of dentists who leave school and set out to establish their own dental practice are under the same assumption: “People need dentistry, right? All I need to do is build a practice in a convenient location, be good at what I do, and patients will be lining up at the door.” The reality is very different. It’s true that people need dentistry. It’s not true that they’ll come to your practice just because it’s there. For one thing, there’s a very good chance there’s someone else nearby. For another, you might not be marketing yourself properly to get their attention. And lastly, you may well not be running a good business. See, we’re taught a great deal about how to be great dentists at universities and medical colleges. What we’re not taught is how to run a business. There are many exceptionally talented clinical experts out there in the world today whose practices are failing simply because of this. For a long time, my dental practice wasn’t doing as well as it could have. We had a well-trained, friendly team. We kept up to date on all the latest technologies. We put a great deal of care and attention into patient comfort. But the numbers simply weren’t there for any real kind of growth. It was incredibly disheartening. Then a short while back I was introduced to DDSGeeks, and the change has been substantial, to say the least. Our practice manager’s job has been helped immensely. They don’t have to spend time collating and reporting KPIs — they can get the report in a moment and spend the time saved on implementing new strategies. If something is working, we can see it immediately. We can see how many new patients we’re getting, how many referrals, how many missed appointments — every piece of data we need to tell us how well we’re doing, we have. It is truly invaluable. For example, we saw through DDSGeeks that the percentage of patients accepting treatment plans was relatively low. Not terrible, but not what we needed to grow as a business. By being able to monitor our overheads, profits, and collections, we were able to work out payment plans that were realistic and affordable for our patients. Since then we’ve seen a marked increase in patients accepting our plans, and the business has grown accordingly. As lovely as it would be for a dental practice to run simply on the power of the dentists’ skills, it’s just not reality. A dental practice needs to be run just like any other business. With the sheer amount of data that a program like DDSGeeks gives you, molding your practice into the best it can be has never been easier. Sincerely Jonathon B. Turgeon DDS American Dental Association, Louisiana Dental Association, Ark-La-Tex Academy of Dentistry and the American Dental Implant Association