A dental office manager sitting at a desk helping the office to run smoothly.The environment, system and structure of a dental clinic should be similar to that of any other office.  An operation manager plays the role of director of operations and deals with operations that require attention on a daily basis, so as to let the doctors handle medical operations and focus on the patient rather than the system of the office. In a way, we can say that a dentist needs an operation manager to run his or her office smoothly and to ensure that the customers coming to the clinic are satisfied and comfortable with their services. Here are a few pointers that prove how important an operation manager’s job is:
  • While the CEO comes up with the concept and a vision for the business to run in a particular way, an operation manager makes sure that the vision is brought justice to, by developing strategies and plans to implement it successfully. An operation manager is responsible for controlling the overall structure and system, which is not only time taking but can also get very hectic.
  • An office manager is also responsible for HR related stuff which means hiring of staff as well. Hiring, firing, training and managing the team members become a big responsibility because after all, the team defines an office environment and efficiency in the system.
  • When a dentist is too busy with the patients and surgeries, it’s an operation manager’s job to analyze every week/day/month where they stand in the market. They need to see what it is because of which they are left behind and what is it that is keeping them ahead of their game. One can’t tell these things without proper work on them.
  • Along with taking care of dental insurance, technology, and marketing, operation managers are also expected to manage the dental practice in the future. This means that apart from office work, operation managers should also be aware of the latest trends in the profession of dentistry and be able to communicate it to the patients walking in the clinic.
  • Since operation managers are the first ones to deal with patients, brief them about the system and procedure, they hold the responsibility of leaving a first good impression on their patients. Operation managers should be able to communicate smoothly with the clients and win their comfort level and trust on the doctor.