Grow your Dental Practice with Smart Dental Dashboard

Is your dental practice starving? Kick off the year with a bang, and feed your practice what it needs!

We think it's time you juiced up your business. Our Smart Dental Dashboard will have your practice experiencing growth so fast; your competitors will believe that you're on steroids. Make no mistake, running a successful dental practice is difficult. Multiple factors including competition, changes in marketing, both from a digital and physical standpoint and increased customer expectations are all commanding your attention. Unless you happened to major in business while in dental school, these challenges mean that now more than ever before it’s essential to have key information at your fingertips so you can make fast, educated decisions. If you desire to be successful in modern dentistry, you must start operating your practice more like a business. The proper approach and software will help you explode your practice's profitability. It all begins with making smart decisions based on the easy to understand and clearly laid out data. Welcome to Smart Dental Dashboard.

What is DDS Geeks Smart Dental Dashboard?

Like the dashboard of a car, our Smart Dental Dashboard provides dentists and office managers a way to instantly understand what’s going on throughout your dental business and identifies hidden revenue opportunities. Imagine increasing the efficiency of your dental practice to the tune of thousands of dollars, just by using our completely automated software that blends seamlessly with the industries leading Dental Practice Management systems to give you real-time analytics of your most profitable KPI's

Don't Freak Out, Geek Out.

Our proprietary software measures what matters. Our team of Geeks has dedicated countless hours making sure your data is as good as gold. You don’t need to watch or monitor everything in your dental practice. You may have heard of the CIA, but we've been labeled the DIA (Dental Intelligence Agency) by many of the dentists we have helped. Our Smart Dental Dashboard helps you focus on the most significant KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). These primary KPI's are the ones where you will be able to see the fastest, most explosive growth. Our dashboard helps you understand the data & numbers that tell the full story. Uncover hidden opportunities & discover revenue streams deep within your Smart Dental Dashboard. Our software installs in a mere 7 minutes, is entirely cloud-based and is completely automatic. Think you might like an extra $120k a year? Book your 15-minute consultation here, and see it in action.