rockstar OMSome people mistake the job of an office manager as merely a title, while not knowing how real the job is. A dental office manager has many tasks to handle on a daily basis and few of them are such that they never change. Tasks like taking appointments, calling patients, prescriptions, submission of insurance, all come under a dental office manager. Dental practice management report pulling is now handled with the use of practice intelligence software and juggling phone calls, patients and staff, all are taken care of simultaneously. The year 2016 marks the emergence of the rockstar office manager because of all the important roles played by an office manager. They truly rock in the world of dentistry because of their dedication, multi-tasking skills and many other skills that make the business run smooth and firm. Here are a few latest trends in dental practice today:
  • Dental insurance has grown rapidly over the last few years. Most practices now are closer to 30% - 50% PPO plan patients.
  • Management jobs are advancing in technology. Electronic health records keep everything up to date and an efficient system is guaranteed. It is no longer difficult to keep a track of the history and have it ready whenever the patient needs it.
  • Marketing has also advanced immensely over the last decade. It used to be as simple as posting an ad in the newspaper to let people know about the business, but now there are many platforms that offer the opportunity to market your business. As an office manager, one must stay updated with the latest trends of marketing through the internet. Social media is no more just a platform to socialize with friends but it has become a big marketing source for many entrepreneurs as well. Therefore, office managers must stay connected with such platforms and keep updating information in order to stay ahead of the game.
A well-trained office manager is the most important asset for a dentist to run the business successfully. Being an office manager is not at all an easy job and requires proper training to be able to pull off the role of a dental office manager. A good manager is also a source of motivation for the dentist and they try their best to stay focused on their practice while being carefree from the business management side. Manager RockstarConsidering so many advancements in the field of dental office manager, 2017 marks the emergence of the rockstar office managers who run the business so smoothly. Owning such multi-tasking skills really do make one a rockstar and there’s no doubt that hard work is needed to be successful in any job that one does.  The next time you walk into a clinic, take a look around the place, meet the team and you would have an idea about the office manager who is behind all of it. However, do not forget to meet the rockstar who is responsible for what you see and experience in a clinic, except surgical experience.