Picture1Being an office manager, one has to wear many hats and deal with them all at the same time. Management is the term that refers to dealing with a lot of things together, in the best way possible. A dental office manager has many different jobs to do which makes them almost play the role of owners of the business. Many jobs come under dental office manager like managing front desk, taking care of visiting seats, managing software, taking care of the reports, collection, production and many other so basically a dental office manager handles everything going on in a dental clinic, except medical procedures. All of these responsibilities come under a dental office manager, which is why they have to wear so many hats. Handling so many things together can get on nerves sometimes and there are many ways you can deal with that: Identification: One of the most important things to do as a manager is to list down the things that you have to do. If you are the office manager, you must already be aware of the importance of your role in the dental clinic. Without you, the dental clinic cannot be run because dentists can’t keep a track of the reports, x-rays, desk work, visitors and everything else that you are responsible for. So a good way to manage your hats is to list down the responsibilities and manage time accordingly. Connection: As a dental office manager, you must have to keep a close connection with the dentist as well as the customers. When dealing with clients, you must wear the hat of their advisor and guide them accordingly. It’s very important for visitors to find comfort in the clinic and its environment and you are responsible for the first impression of the clinic. Priorities: Since there are a lot of responsibilities that have to be taken care of, set your priorities to manage your time. Not everything can be done at the same time, so the best way to get things done properly is to prioritize them and set your schedule accordingly. One easy way to prioritize is to ask yourself what needs to be handled immediately and what impact would it have or if you skip something, how bad an effect would it have. Celebrate accomplishment: As a dental office manager, you are responsible for a number of tasks that include desk work as well as dealing with clients. Since your job is so important and it makes such a big difference to your work space, you deserve to celebrate a little when you accomplish something. It could be just a little thing but you should celebrate the fact that you pulled it off so well. Wearing so many hats is what comes naturally to dental office managers. When you, as a customer enter a dental clinic the next time, observe all the things being done by the dental office manager and you will know why they have to wear so many hats.