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Dental Office Software That Is Anything But Boring.

What Do You Get When You Have Geeks On Your Side?

Kickoff call with one of our experienced dental data analysts.

We sync your data in a geekily fast 7 min then set up a profile to grant you access to view your practice’s overall health.

Immediately following the initial setup we arrange a coaching call with our crazy talented analyst to go over your practice data & find the missing money and hidden opportunities that live in your practice management.

You always knew you were a superstar office manager, now the whole world will know it too.

Unlimited customer support, call us anytime.....seriously!

Shiny software, and amazing results aside there is a nerdy team of actual human beings waiting to hear from you.

Have a question about your recall percentage? Want to discuss your annual production? Give us a holler, we promise there will be a real voice that will answer.

Don't Want To Phone? We Have Unlimited Email Support Too!

If you’re too busy rocking your office manager duties to call us or if you prefer email then we are here.

Have a series of questions that you want answers to over the weekend? Send an email to coach@ddsgeeks.com and we will break out the energy drinks to have your answers back to you before your week starts.

Geeking Out Over Your Data Has Never Been Easier

DDS Geeks dental intelligence software focuses on the core of the business. This is where a dentist and his staff drive production. A close pulse needs to be kept on the dental clinic to make sure it’s operating smoothly and efficiently.

  • No Long-Term Contracts, Try Us Out Month-To-Month.

  • Unlimited Number of Users.

  • Includes Individualized Kick-Off Call With An Experienced Analyst.

  • Professional Profile Setup, and Office Manager Training.

  • Automated Data Synchronization.

DDS Geeks Dental Software - Try it out with no contract