Meet The Geeks

We Are The Geeks So You Can Be The 'Cool Kids'!

About Us

We Are Turning Up the Nerd Factor As Dental Business Experts.

A self-proclaimed geek, complete with glasses and parted hair, Brian Goodell, has an excellent track record of making things better than they were before. Why settle for ok, when great is on the doorstep.

It’s this type of thinking, along with a stable dose of red-bull that has fueled the desire to create a smart dentist dashboard which is exactly what DDS Geeks provides.

The geeky glasses might be gone, but Brian and his team still love to geek out. Their proprietary dental intelligence software dives into the core of dental practices, mining them to uncover diamonds in the rough so to speak. Hidden money deep within your business.

By keeping a finger on the pulse of your dental practice, dental office managers can shine like the rockstars they are.

Our software tracks the key performance Indicators or KPI’s of the clinical side of the practice in an easy to monitor dashboard. Office managers and doctors can actively manage and improve performance by targeting the patients behind the results.

DDS Geeks makes data so interesting we think there’s a pretty darn good chance you will want to geek out right alongside us.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

DDS Geeks Is Anything But Vanilla, We Strengthen the Awesomeness of Office Managers In Their Quest To Master Dental Practice Management.